International Conference on Sustainable Rural and Regional Development – Magelang, Indonesia. 11-12 December 2018

The International Conference and Field study

“Sustainable Rural and Regional Development”

Magelang – Central Java Province, Indonesia – December 11-12, 2018

Asian Forum for Rural Research, Planning, and Development (a.k.a. RRPG) in collaboration with Central Java Province and Diponegoro University has held the International Conference on Sustainable Rural and Regional Development in Magelang, Indonesia on December 11, 2018.

Keynote speech from Dr. Muhammad Dimyati in The International Conference on Sustainable Rural and Regional Development. Magelang – Indonesia, December, 2018.

The Conference presented a keynote speaker of Director General of Research and Development Strengthening – Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, Dr Muhammad Dimyati. It was also supported by main speakers i.e. Dr. Hartuti Purnaweni (UNDIP Semarang), Professor Dr. Ibrahim Ngah (UTM Malaysia), Greg Randolph (JustJobs Network), and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eric C. Thompson (National University of Singapore).

The conference carried out 6 panel discussions with themes i.e. Decentralization and Rural Development, Rural and Regional Infrastructure cases, Rural Urban Linkages: Managing rural-urban linkages for inclusive development, Technology for Sustainable Rural and Regional Development, Strengthening Rural and Regional Economic Competitiveness, and Poverty Eradication. There were 30 papers were presented in the parallel discussion sessions.

Plenary session of the Conference presented 4 main speakers from Diponegoro University, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, National University of Singapore, and JustJobs Networks. December 11, 2018.

Presentation from Dr. Eric C. Thompson from NUS in plenary session of the Conference. December 11, 2018.

The Conference was attended by about 300 participants, with total submitted papers were 130, and 45 posters. The event also awarded 3 best paper presenters, and 3 best posters.

Best presenters of the panel discussion sessions. December 11, 2018

The event was followed by field visit in the following day to tofu cluster, and museum in Magelang city, and village field visit in Borobudur sub district on December 12, 2018.

Field visit to the rural area in Borobudur sub district with horse carts. December 12, 2018.
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The participants visit to the a tofu kampong in Magelang. December 12, 2018.

The participants from Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam visited the rural area in Borobudur sub district. December, 2018.

The participants got some explanation about batik fabrics production in the village. December 12, 2018.

The Participant from Laos tried to make pottery with help from local artisan in Wanurejo village, Borobudur sub district. December 12, 2018.

We thank you especially to the Central Java Province and Diponegoro University to their support as host of the Conference. High appreciation are also given to the speakers, presenters, moderator, participants, committee, and all parties those participated and assist the event to become very success.

See you in the AF RRPD next event..

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